Welcome to the Mobile Revolution!

Revolution Telecom is a prepaid mobile provider that will crush the lies, gimmicks and rorts of the prepaid mobile industry in Australia. There is no discrimination – everyone gets cheap call rates, all day everyday, everywhere. It doesn’t matter who you call, what network they’re on or how much you want to spend each month, cheap rates are yours 24/7.

Before the Revolution began the prepaid mobile market was dominated by high call rates and confusing deals. The prepaid mobile Revolution was started to remove the B.S and give customers one cheap, easy to understand call rate. ">See how we stack up against the competition. ?>

No longer do customers have to put up with peak and off peak periods, cheap call rates only if you are calling the same network, or inflated rates to call landlines.

The prepaid mobile Revolution offers one cheap call rate to any mobile or landline within Australia for 10c per 30 secs. Plus we offer 15c SMS for all national and international SMS.

So Help Crush the Rorts of the Prepaid Mobile Market.
Cheap prepaid mobile calls
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