Free customer care is a myth. It's actually really expensive to have call centre staff waiting around for calls. Most mobile users don't need to use call centres, yet indirectly still pay for them through high call rates. The Revolution is a 'user pays' service. If you don't need to call Customer Care then you won't be paying for it.

Need an answer straight away? The first place you should look is right here on Revolution Web Help. There are a number of other options for customer information, so check these out below and choose what suits you best.

You got a problem? View our Complaint Handling Policy.

Use the FAQ catalogue - it's FREE
Expect a response within 48 hours. We will get back to you - it's FREE
Send your query via SMS to 0410 910 910 - this costs 15c
Phone 126 086 from your mobile or 1300 860 610 from a landline. Standard call rates apply.
Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm AEST
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